Tournament Details

Name PUBGM Squads $8/Team (5/30)
Description FAILURE TO MAKE DEADLINES WILL RESULT IN NO ENTRY ***Maximum of 25 Teams / Minimum of 18 teams in order to launch tournament **Registrations must be complete by May 1st (Wednesday) at 12:00 PM *Payments must be submitted by May 2 (Thursday) at 12:00 PM First Round will begin 4pm PDT , Second round shortly after $8.00 USD per each team You must make sure to check-in once you've been accepted as a register. failure to do so by the close date will be an automatic loss. Once you have checked-in, you must schedule your match with your opponent. Check the bracket once registration closes. Then proceed to report your scores for each game. Best of 2 Matches This is a squads tournament! We will be using a point system based off of placement and kills PAYMENT instructions: Email with your Venmo Name and we will charge you (please do not pay without being charged to prevent paying wrong accounts) OR let us know you prefer Paypal and we will send you a request via email (An additional fee of $1.00 for not having a pay pal or Venmo account will be added).
Discipline pubg_mobile
Size 25
Participant Type team
Status pending
Timezone America/Los_Angeles
Scheduled Date Start 2019-05-30
Scheduled Date End 2019-05-30
Country US
Location North and South American SERVERS ONLINE
Organization Tolva League
Prize 3 Top Teams will receive Prizes: 1st Place: $15 Giftcards (4) 2nd Place: $10 Giftcards (4) 3rd Place: $5 Giftcards (4)
Rules 25 teams in lobby - Private Lobby Scoring based on Points: 1 Kill x 15 = 15 pts / (2 Kills x 15= 30 pts) 1st Place : 500 2nd Place : 365 3rd Place : 315 4th : 280 5th : 250 6th : 225 7th : 200 8th : 180 9th : 160 10th : 145 11th / 12th Place : 130 13 - 15th Place : 115 16 - 20th Place : 100 21 - 25th Place : 85 Both Rounds added up
Platforms mobile