Tournament Details

Name 1v1 _ 5 lives _ June 24
Description 1 v 1 per round 5 lives Random Map Entry Fee : $2.00 for team PAYMENT instructions: Team Captain - (2 options) 1 - Email with your Venmo username OR 2 - Email us with your preferred email and we will charge you via email through credit/debit card [($1.00 for the up-charge service ($3.00 total)].
Discipline supersmashbros_ultimate
Size 32
Participant Type single
Status pending
Timezone America/New_York
Scheduled Date Start 2019-06-24
Scheduled Date End 2019-06-24
Country US
Organization Tolva League
Prize 1st Place : $15 Amazon Giftcard 2nd Place : $10 Amazon Giftcard 3rd Place : $5 Amazon Giftcard 4th Place: Free Entry to Next Tolva Tournament
Rules 5 lives Random Map 1 - Teams must submit final registration fee by 12:00 PM EST DAY BEFORE GAMEPLAY 2 - Teams will check-in on Tolva League Discord an hour before the tournament : Team Captain will text "Ready" 3 - Opponent username must be present in "visual evidence" of outcome. Streaming is a credible source as well for support 4 - Matches will start promptly at time listed, please be on discord channel prior 5 - *It is your team captains responsibility to engage the discord and submit registration fees **It is up to you to keep a visual records of your game play score in case of indiscretions towards you and your team. ***15 teams must participate to run tournament
Platforms nintendo_switch