Tournament Details

Name Fortnite Duos ALL PLATFORMS
Description Date: September 17, 2019 - 3pm PST/ 6pm EST Registration Closed: September 16, 2019 2 v 2 Points based off of kills Best of 3 rounds - GAME PLAY: The way that it works is that you join a squad-lobby together. You then play three matches to accumulate more kills. BUT, you don't play as a team. You play as a duo and try to get more kills than the other two in your lobby. You won't be allowed to sabotage builds but you can steal kills. - *IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO TAKE SCREEN SHOTS OF EACH MATCH TO ELIMINATE ANY CHEATING*
Discipline fortnite
Size 16
Participant Type team
Status pending
Timezone America/New_York
Scheduled Date Start 2019-09-17
Scheduled Date End 2019-09-17
Country US
Organization Tolva League
Prize $5.00 Amazon Gift Cards per player on winning team (2)
Rules No Sabotage of Builds Stealing Kills is legal though -Team Captains are responsible for checking in the day before the tournament -Join Discord, go to Fortnite-Tourney Channel and place your epic ID and your Toornament ID
Platforms playstation4,xbox_one,nintendo_switch,pc,mobile