Who we are:

Tolva League is an Online video game tournament platform. Our focus is to house a gaming community for all gamers , of all ages, of all gaming interests. We want this to be where Reality meets Virtual Reality.

Get to know our Team :

Managing Partner :Donner Goode

Growing up I was part of the generation that was told that Gaming was a waste of time, that it would never push us to a successful future, and well it turns out that everyone else was wrong. It’s one of the largest markets, most involved communities, and so diverse that the opportunities are unlimited. And someone like me, who was prevented from playing as much as I wanted : was hindered in my efforts to have the chance of going professional, and we at Tolva league feel that this is our chance to help all of those to get back in the game or even start off with a visual presentation of how their gamer journey is going.

Office Manager : Joey

My name is Joseph. I am from San Diego, California and graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Business. I joined Tolva to combine my passion for business and gaming. Growing up, I was always a little more than a casual gamer. I played Call of Duty, Minecraft, League of Legends, and now Fortnite. Tolva stuck out to me as it was a growing gaming business that focused on providing competitive players a tournament platform to showcase their skills. My goals with Tolva are to grow the publicity of the business through social media, and provide players a well balanced tournament system on our platform.

Office Manager : Joshua

My name is Josh and I’m from San Diego California. I graduated from Liberty University in Virginia with a degree in Business Finance. I decided to join Tolva League because I have always been interested in the gaming community and have been an active player for years. I have been frequently playing games since middle school. The game that really caught my attention when it came to tournament style play was League of Legends. Since then I have enjoyed most of the Call of Duty games as well as Fortnite. My goal when it comes to Tolva League is to create an awesome environment for players of all backgrounds, also to provide them with the support they need when it comes to a smooth tournament atmosphere.


  • May of 2017 : BAM! Gaming company is founded
  • October of 2017 : Gaming Central Online is born, starting it’s initial tournaments
  • July of 2018 : Gaming Central Online goes through a series of new tournament platforms to improve the gamer experience
  • November of 2018 : Tolva League is born, the 4th generation of this tournament platform with the ultimate user friendly experience