Tournament Details

Name Super Smash/ Feb. 21-24
Description You must make sure to check-in once you've been accepted as a register. failure to do so by the close date will be an automatic loss. Once you have checked-in, you must schedule your match with your opponent. Check the bracket once registration closes. Then proceed to report your scores for each game. 5 lives each First one to die loses that round - there will be 3 rounds in each bracket phase (BEST OF 3 rounds) It is up to you to report the scores of the matches. Failure to do so will cause a forfeit to your team, and we will advance the team that reported scores.
Discipline supersmashbros_ultimate
Size 4
Participant Type single
Status running
Timezone America/Los_Angeles
Scheduled Date Start 2019-02-21
Scheduled Date End 2019-02-24
Country US
Location Online USA Server
Organization Tolva League
Prize No Prizes - Recreational Match
Rules Abide by the description It is up to you to keep record of visual evidence supporting your status Best of 3 Any Maps or Game modes as chosen by both teams for the 1st map . Winner of the first round chooses the next map and mode. If the score is 1 :1 after the second round, then the team that won round 2 will get priority over which game mode and map is chosen for the final round It is up to you to keep a visual records of your game play score in case of indiscretions towards you and your team. Cheaters will be blacklisted from the site for a year. - On the screenshot it must be visible that the game has ended.
Platforms nintendo_switch