Meet us

Play with Tolva League!Win real prizes, Compete with active gamers, and join a gaming community that loves beingonline! Just register with Tolva, check the instructions of each tournament, and GAME ON!Most tournament discussion is on our discord, join in and match up with other competitivegamers alike!

Donner Goode

Managing Partner

Born and raised in San Diego, CA. I’ve loved the creative and competitive challenge of building new and exciting projects. I started looking to the future after graduation and ran into experiences that would lead me, along with a few others, to create Tolva League; the amateur gaming platform with real prizes. This all grew from me being hooked on games such as RuneScape, Jak & Daxter, and Halo while growing up. I fell in love with the thrill of playing online with friends and investing time into various campaigns.

Esports is an exciting industry to be in, there's constant growth and innovation. I couldn’t tell you where this community and industry will be in ten years, but I can tell you that it will only keep getting better with time as more people see it's untapped potential. There’s such inspiring people who are continuously building out the foundation in gaming, and top valued organizations that continue to involve themselves with it's transformation; I am excited to be a part of it!

Andre Rolina

Director of Marketing

Both a creative minded and business-savvy individual who enjoys console gaming. My passionfor gaming started with Call of Duty 4, and grew immensely once Call of Duty: World at War wasreleased with zombies. Whether it is a third-person action/shooter, first person shooter, battleroyale, action, or even racing game, I am delighted to take charge to beat my opponents. Aftergathering extensive experience in the business world, largely in marketing and salesenvironments, I have dedicated my efforts to combine my work with my passion. The aim is topopulate our most recent tournament developments by growing our community base, andeducating individuals about everything revolving around the gaming industry. Overall, my excitement stems from individual participants’ engagement and enjoyment while utilizing ourplatform, as well as future anticipated events, such as the Tolva championships in Las Vegas!

Jess Kowalski

Graphic Artist

Jess is a highly talented graphic designer with years and years of experience. She has a passion for gaming and all things creative! She has been the mastermind behind our image branding and is the talent behind our fan-loved logo. We are forever grateful to have someone so gifted and invested on our team!


  • BAM!
    Gaming company is founded
  • Gaming Central Online is born, starting it’s initial tournaments
  • Gaming Central Online goes through a series of new tournament platforms to improve the gamer experience
  • Tolva League is born, the 4th generation of this tournament platform with the ultimate user friendly experience